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Rockport Activities
Rockport Center for the Arts
Rockport Center for the Arts brings together artists and art lovers in a stimulating atmosphere of learning, exhibits and idea exchange. The Center and adjacent Sculpture Garden are located in the Museum District, between picturesque Rockport Harbor and beautiful Aransas Bay. Committed to cultural enrichment and art education, Rockport Center for the Arts is the "jewel" of Aransas County's art community

Fulton Mansion
Visit the beautiful Fulton Mansion. Located on Aransas Bay, the 1870’s French Second Empire structure is the former home of cattleman George W. Fulton. Innovative for its time, the house features several modern conveniences, such as indoor plumbing, central lighting and central heating.

Texas Maritime Museum
The mission of the Texas Maritime Museum is to excite and educate the public about Texas maritime history and artifacts. The Museumís purpose is to offer a variety of experiences to children and adults by collecting, preserving, and interpreting items of historical interest for educational purposes and to recount Texas maritime history through artifacts, documents and other materials of antique or historical value, and to exhibit them to further the public interest, knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of such material and its related background.

Goose Island State Park
Goose Island State Park, a longtime favorite of many campers and fishermen, covers 314 acres and is located at the conjunction of Aransas, Copano and St. Charles Bays. The park is noted for the "Big Tree", the State Champion Coastal Live Oak and the opportunity to view the endangered whooping cranes. Good fishing opportunities abound for speckled trout, red fish, drum, flounder, and sheepshead, as well as for crabbing and oystering. Goose Island State Park is also an excellent place to observe water birds, water fowl, shore birds, and passerines --- both in migration and in residence.

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1937 to protect the vanishing wildlife of coastal Texas. It is an ever-changing land and is still being shaped by the waters and storms of the Gulf of Mexico. This 54,829 acre refuge occupies the Blackjack Peninsula, named for its scattered blackjack oaks. Grasslands, live oaks and red bay thickets cover deep, sandy soils. Ringed by tidal marches and broken by long, narrow ponds, Aransas is home for cranes, alligators, deer and many other species of wildlife.

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